Atlantis Class

P4 (Four-Year-Old Preschool)

Four and Five years olds spend their day in the Atlantis Class (Dragon Room)! Our Atlantis teachers, Miss Karen & Miss Justina, follow the Frog Street PreK 2020 Curriculum. Check out the intro video to the right.

Their day consists of free play, morning circle time, guided small groups, and learning centers focused on building foundational skills in Math and Literacy. In addition, our Atlantisites enjoy recess time (outside when weather permits) and a healthy fresh fruit or vegetable snack.

Miss Karen & Miss Justina are also our school-age teachers, and through e-learning have developed great relationships with our local schools. Learning what teachers expect in new kindergarteners, Miss Karen & Miss Justina are ready to prepare our Launchers to move on to the challenges of Kindergarten!

Miss Kathy


Miss Hayley

Teaching Assistant