Welcome to Launch Enrichment!

We are pleased that you have chosen to work with us and hope that your association with Launch Enrichment will be a long and mutually rewarding experience. You and your work are very important to accomplish the mission of Launch Enrichment – to LAUNCH Children into a Life of Love and Learning. Your contribution is essential to our success. Launch Enrichment is committed to providing a working environment which treats its employees with courtesy, respect, and dignity. In return, it is expected that employees exercise the same towards the children, parents, other employees and administration. Launch Enrichment strives to make your orientation & employment experience pleasant, informative and comfortable.

Meet the Launch Leadership Team!

We are here to support you as you LAUNCH Children into a Life of Love and Learning!

Mr. Shawn Tiani, Ed.S.



Mrs. Kelli Figurski

Assistant Director


Miss Karen Busch

Director Intern


Please review the Launch Enrichment Staff Policies and Procedures Handbook. Once you have done so, sign and return the last page for your staff file.

Retain the handbook for future reference.

Required Documentation for New Employees

Please complete and return to the Launch Enrichment office prior to your start date!